I enjoy the unnecessary colours of this - original is just black lines but who doesn’t love a lil’ extra colour at this time of night?
Prints when I’ve done ink/paint 
First lines done for the fourth in my little series of morbid birdyness. The colour was added in Photoshop just to make it more interesting for FB
The background will be all feathery when inked in later. So that’s four down, just one to go! What bird should I feature next…
Getting back to my birdy pieces after neglecting them for other work the last couple of weeks. Highly loving each of them, and can’t wait to paint them and turn them into prints! <3 
And it’s live :) A little bare and empty just now, but over the coming few weeks, it’s going to be full of wonders and magic and lovely things.
Three down, two to go. 
Just lines down so far, ink to come later. I’m a happy kitten right now.
WIP Pelicans
<3 WIP - Birds and fish are my favourite. 
Highly enjoying this WIP piece at the moment. I’m really feeeeelin’ it! <3
sculpture by rod mcrae

hopefully nobody has done this yet
aaaaaaaaaaaand she’s done :) 
Watercolour, ink, pen, pencil, gold on reclaimed wood.
Commission begun 2013, Completed in 2014.